2019 Agenda

08:00 | Thursday 12th December 2019

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Format: Edge Economics

The Edge Economics Issue

We are still at the early days of the edge cloud era. Multiple players are vying for leadership, each with its set of advantages and challenges. The cloud players are driving towards edge from their centralized, hyperscale data centers. New entrants are active in carving a niche by addressing emerging applications and challenges that the cloud players are not chasing. They have been leading on defining new technologies and processes for the edge. And the telcos are also strongly playing with their extensive network & real estate assets.

The benefits of edge computing, low latency and backhaul efficiency are well understood. However, there is a cost to realize these benefits through small data centers and edge processing. Hyperscale data centers are the backbone of the cloud, & the cost structure and operation of these data centers is well understood. On the other hand, different requirements govern the edge cloud leading to different economics. Understanding these economics and monetization potential is fundamental to evaluating the business case for edge computing.

 Why This Workshop?

The Edge Monetization issue is by no means resolved. It is a live issue under discussion in all the stakeholder organizations within the market, and evolving as the market is evolving. This workshop aims to bring executives up to speed with the latest thinking in edge market economic modelling, and to give them an opportunity to explore these ideas in discussion with peers from across the edge market.

Workshop Format

The workshop is designed to be both informative and discursive. The session will be held in an “off the record” format, to encourage executives to share their thoughts and ideas with peers. The workshop is the final activity of Edge Computing World, to allow participants to build on the knowledge and relationships developed over the previous few days in very informal environment.


 8.00 Registration

 8.30 Introduction

Jean Marc Frangos 

 Session 1: Edge Economic Models

 8.40     Stimulus Presentation 1: 

               Joe Madden, Founder & Principal Analyst, Mobile Experts

 9.10      Stimulus Presentation 3:

               Frank Rayal, Founding Partner, Xono Partners

 9.40      Stimulus Presentation 3:

               Brad Kirby, VP, Market Development, EDJX

 10.10   Open Discussion Session

  10.30   Refreshment Break

  Session 2: Interactive Session

 11.00   Interactive Moderated Discussion

After recapping on the main learning of session one, key challenges will be identified based on group consensus. Participants will then break into smaller focus discussion sub-groups to concentrate on these selected areas. Discussions will be facilitated by the speakers and workshop leader. After a period of in-depth discussion, sub-groups will report back to the main group, These findings will then be discussed in the wider group will all participants having the opportunity to listen to and comment on the findings of the focus groups. A final discussion will draw out key findings and identify some areas for ongoing work.

12.30   Lunch & Discussion

1.30      Close & Depart