2020 Agenda - All Timings PST

09:55 | Tuesday 20th October 2020

Use Case: Energy. FLedge – Transforming Transmission and Distribution Monitoring in Energy Substations

LF Edge User Summit

JEA deployed Fledge 18 months ago and continues to scale-up and scale-out the system. Fledge is used for conditioned based monitoring of JEAs many substations. Fledge connects, buffers, transforms and forwards data from different sensors and equipment types including: gas detection, transformer sensors, IR cameras, current meters, switches and more on the south end. Fledge then integrates the “smarter” edge data with various OT systems including: OSIsoft PI, AWS, Oracle, Influx DB and more. JEA continues to expand its use of Fledge to more substations and with new vibration monitoring and edge ML trials in its, water and waste water business. Joining Michael Eaton will be Robert Raesemann, JEA’s OT system integrator and contributor to the Fledge Project.