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Edge Executive Insight – Delano Seymour CTO, EDJX

Hi Delano, Tell us about your journey prior to joining EDJX; and how your role there has evolved?

Prior to EDJX I was the Founder and President of a high revenue-generating Managed Services company headquartered in the Caribbean, with experience in taking companies from startup to acquisition. I have been a senior IT resource within both public and private sectors, with expertise in building and managing public-facing, hosting provider infrastructures. I have strong domain experience in security, networking, virtualization and cloud computing, extensive operations experience in multinational corporate data centers, managing development and DevOps teams. 

I was also the CTO of 6fusion, a cloud management platform for workload distribution by turning clouds into pay-per-use billable utilities, generating $10M in annual revenue.

I have been with EDJX since the company was founded, acting as Chief Architect and then CTO, working with the company as a primary inventor on which we have built our profile of a number of proprietary patents.

I am also a native Bermudian.

EDJX is pursuing a serverless approach to the edge. What advantages does a serverless approach offer organizations wanting to deploy at the edge?

Serverless is a departure from current monolithic architecture and containerized deployment environments, and liberates developer teams from the increasing yoke of devops legacy, which creates ever-encroaching drag on core developer resources.

What is unique about EDX’s approach to the serverless Edge?

The key architectural difference in our solution is it is peer-to-peer, vs centralized. It’s built to live at the edge and even what we call the “far edge”. Our platform automatically chooses the closest node to the end user (which could even be a sensor) in an event-driven serverless platform. Infrastructure needs to be smart enough to look at an event and then provision what needs to be provisioned, at literally the operating system level. Our platform does this automatically for the developer, so the developer can focus on solving, building, and scaling very interesting things.

EDJX’s vision is to deploy to thousands of locations to create a serverless edge platform that’s fast, reliable, and secure. We run code at ultra-low latency, closer to users and connected things than ever before. We continue to locate enterprises, software vendors, and other developers that need our platform to make their vision real and affordable.

What is EDJX doing to engage with the developer community and encourage them to develop serverless edge applications?  

We have been driving awareness about the advantages of serverless; we have now opened up our platform to developers, after running our own  EDJX internal hackathon where a number of powerful apps were built by our internal dev team. Our priority is to continue to drive awareness and carefully listen to feedback from developers as we grow our developer base. 

We have just hired a Developer Evangelist who will continue to help us drive that awareness within the developer community and scale the number of the developers writing, deploying and executive apps on the EDJX Platform. In the near future we plan to run a hackathon. Developers can sign up for the platform here.